We Will Rock You!


This year’s recent musical ‘We Will Rock You’ was Trinity Academy’s fourth annual production, and turned out to be another categorical success. Both students and staff dedicated a lot of time and effort to offer a West End standard musical across three sell-out nights on 15, 16 and 17 February.

During the production, guests were transported to the year 2300, where live music is banned, everyone wears the same fashions and goes about in a Ga Ga haze. The musical tells the story of how a group of Bohemians are looking for the ‘Rhapsody’ to the unmistakeable music of Queen.

Preparation for the academy’s annual production is nearly a year-long effort, with several rounds of auditions, many rehearsals, and a high level of commitment from students and staff.

As Mr James Franklin-Smith commented: “I would like to congratulate students and staff for another outstanding production. The amount of effort, commitment and enthusiasm that students and staff have put in was truly evident on the night. The feedback from guests was amazing, and I know 2018’s production will be eagerly anticipated”.