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Statutory information

As an academy, we are required to provide access to a number of statutory documents and information. Our website provides access to all this information, but as our website is primarily designed as an information source for parents, for your convenience the table below offers a summary of our statutory information and links to where these can be found on our website.

These are listed in alphabetical order. Please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for. Please be aware overall responsibility for our customer service team lies with the Principal’s PA,  Mrs D Alcock. Our fuller website does of course provide more extensive information about our academy and the experience on offer.

Policy Details
Admission Arrangements Information regarding admission to the academy and the Oversubscription Policy.
Behaviour for Learning Policy Details regarding our Behaviour for Learning system, and how we reward students.
Charging and Remissions Policy Details of our approach to charging, including for trips.
Complaints Policy How we will address any complaints and our appeals procedure.
Curriculum Information about teaching and learning at the academy, and our curriculum.
Data Protection How we manage and store information, and how to make a data related request.
Disabled Pupil Policy (Accessibility Policy) Information regarding accessibility arrangements at the academy and our approach to support students with disabilities.
Exam and Assessments Results Details of our examination successes, and progress of students.
Freedom of Information States how we fulfil our duties under the Freedom of Information Act, and how we will address any requests for information under the Act.
Governor and Trustee Information Information about our Governors and trustee structure (some information is included as a downloadable format).
Health and Safety and First Aid Policy Our Health and Safety Policy
Ofsted report Our latest Ofsted report
Performance Tables Information about our position in league tables
Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) A downloadable copy of our Equalities Policy
Pupil Premium and Y7 Catch-Up Information regarding our Pupil Premium and its impact. This report includes information about our Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium.
Scheme of Delegated Authority Information on the trust’s Scheme of Delegated Authority.
Special Education Needs Report How we support children with Special Needs. For our specific SEND policies, please visit our key policies section.
Values and Ethos Our academy vision and ethos
Whistleblowing Policy Please click here to access the trust’s Whistleblowing Policy.