At Trinity Academy Halifax, our Year 8 students ‘graduate’ at the end of Phase 1. This aims to raise their aspirations, and help make students feel more motivated for their upcoming GCSE studies.

The current Year 7 students will be the first to graduate from Phase 1 at the end of Year 8. At the end of their two year journey, parents will be invited to celebrate their child’s achievements at a memorable ceremony, complete with traditional cap and gown.

There are, however, a few minimum requirements students must meet in order to graduate. These include:

  • Excellent behaviour record (minimum of 250 Achievement Points per year)
  • Excellent attendance record (minimum average of 96% over the year)
  • High attendance at extra-curricular activities (at least 70% attendance in club of their choice)
  • Participation in academy public speaking events (minimum of 6 per year)
  • Meeting targets in English, Maths, and Science (plus 2 other subjects)

Naturally, students are regularly updated and advised so they are aware of their progress towards these targets. All students therefore receive a Graduation Journal, so they can check whether they are on track and set targets accordingly. Students who exceed these targets will aim to become part of the elite group of students who graduate with honours.

Graduation targets are explored in more detail at Parental Consultation Evenings, but parents can also discuss these with their child at home before each term begins.