Spring Bank Holiday 2018

Important information for students whose mode of transport to and from the academy is by yellow designated bus.

A number of revision sessions have been planned for the upcoming Spring Bank holiday.  Attendance at these sessions is compulsory and will provide your child with the best possible chance of positive GCSE outcomes.

With this in mind, the academy has arranged for three yellow buses (First Yellow School Bus) to pick up your child on each of the days the revision sessions are running (Tuesday 29 May, Wednesday 30 May, Thursday 31 May and Friday 1 June), covering three separate routes. At 12.30pm, after the revision sessions have ended, the bus will then take your child back to their original pick up point.

There will be no charge for any of these services.

Please click here to view the three routes that have been organised, so you can decide which is best for your child.  Simply tick or un-tick the selection of routes to the left hand side of the page.  Zoom into the map and you can see the bus route in its entirety, as well as bus stops.

All students should arrive and stand at the bus stop of their choice in plenty of time and clearly indicate for the bus to stop.  For a number of students this may mean walking slightly further to a bus stop than normal, or may even require a lift in a car to one of the suggested routes.

The academy has tried to accommodate all students who have informed us via the annual data collection process that they travel via the bus service, and we hope this is helpful to you.

A brief summary of the timetable is below:

Route A (Purple) – Departs from Boothtown

Boothtown Road, Claremount Road Terminus, Haley Hill, Dean Clough 0720
Shroggs Road, B&Q, Wheatley Road, Crag Lane 0730
Mixenden Flats, Mixenden Road 0735
Clough Lane, Mixenden Lane, Raw Lane 0740
Trinity Academy 0800

Route B (Orange) – Departs from Bottom of Warley Road

Bottom of Warley Road 0720
Spring Hall Lane/Wellesley Park 0725
Pellon New Road, Pellon Lane 0735
Ovenden Road, bottom of Ovenden Way 0745
Cousin Lane, Morrisons 0750
Trinity Academy 0800

Route C (Green) – Departs from Norton Tower

Rolls Head Road turning circle, Norton Tower 0720
Albert Road, Spring Hall Lane, Pellon New Road 0725
Wainstalls, Balkram Edge 0735
Clough Lane (Ash Green School) 0740
Clough Lane, Mixenden Lane, Raw Lane 0745
Trinity Academy 0800