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Vertical Tutoring

All students in the academy are part of a vertical tutoring group, commonly referred to as ‘VT groups’. Each VT group is led by two members of academy staff and contains a mix of students from Year 7 to Year 11. Students usually stay in the same group throughout their time at the academy. VT time is held for 20 minutes each day and this enables the students to build positive relationships with both their tutors and students from across the year groups.

Each day VT time provides the opportunity for students to reflect on the academy’s core values of Empathy, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. This is done in a variety of ways – through collective worship, year group and college assemblies or through our ‘VT focus weeks’ which include activities and discussions on topics such as healthy eating, literacy, bullying and environmental issues.

VT time also provides students with the opportunity to get involved in, and become part of the academy’s student leadership programme. There are a variety of ways that students can become leaders; from being a form representative on their College Councils, to being on the Academy Council or a Year 11 Student Leader. These opportunities are open to all our students whatever their background or academic ability.

The time spent each day in their VT groups plays a central part in the lives of our students. It develops the students emotional and social wellbeing and ensures they receive the pastoral support needed to succeed at the academy.

Contacting Vertical Tutors

As a parent, you will meet tutors at Parental Consultation Evenings to discuss progress and behaviour within the academy and explore where extra support could be given so that students achieve more. We will update you regularly with information on dates for Parental Consultation Evenings and how you can book an appointment. You can also contact your child’s tutor using the academy’s main telephone number.