Year 10 Interview Day

As part of our Curriculum for Life programme, the academy hosted an Interview Day last week for our Year 10 students which brought together a range of professionals who interviewed students. They also provided feedback explaining what went well, and areas to consider for the future.

Students were invited to choose an interview option from a wide diversity of sectors and professions, such as the army, business, nursing, and STEM careers. Prior to the Interview Day, our students spent time preparing for their interview and working on their CV specialism.

The academy has already received some excellent feedback from both interviewers and students, highlighting the benefits of the experience.

Being interviewed by a professional working in that sector helps our students have a genuinely true to life experience, building their confidence and helping them to understand areas for development. For those still considering their options, the diversity of careers on offer will hopefully have supported this planning.

The academy provides a wide range of careers advice and support for students, including our in-house Careers Advice service delivered via C&K Careers, and specialist sessions on aspects such as CV writing.