A typical day

The life lessons at 6th Form are equally, if not more important, than the final outcome

We operate a full working day at Trinity 6th Form in line with our Professional Standards and our pledge to get students ‘life ready’.  We encourage hard work not just in lessons, but also in study periods, so that the 15 hours of independent study can be achieved without impacting too much on students’ additional responsibilities.

“You have the opportunity to have healthy debates and work in groups with peers.”

Research indicates that 15 to 20 hours of independent study is required at 6th Form for students to achieve their target grades.  For us however, it is also important that as young professionals, we commit fully to what we have chosen to do, and we work as hard as we can in pursuit of our goals.

Students typically select three subjects and follow a timetable that includes approximately 15 hours of lessons, study periods, PPT sessions, form tutor sessions and enrichment and leadership.  The timings of our working day are illustrated below for each year group:

6th Form
Period 1 8.15am 9.15am
Period 2 9.15am 10.15am
Morning Break 10.15am 10.30am
Personal Tutor / Study Time 10.30am 10.50am
Period 3 10.50am 11.50am
Period 4 (Y13) 11.50am 12.50pm
Period 4 (Y12) 12.20am 1.20pm
Lunch 1st Sitting (Y12) 11.50am 12.20pm
Lunch 2nd Sitting (Y13) 12.50pm 1.20pm
Period 5 1.20pm 2.20pm
Achieve 2.20pm 3.20pm


Ofsted Outstanding Provider