Students review the academy prayer – and vote overwhelmingly for it to stay the same

The academy prayer celebrates our Christian values of Empathy, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility on a daily basis. At the end of Vertical Tutoring time, there is a two minute silence which is opened with the entire academy community reading the prayer, following by reflection time.

Developed by students, the prayer was introduced just before we moved into our current buildings in 2012. Chaplain Marcus Bull has worked with a group of Ethos Leaders to review the prayer and explore a number of revised options.

Three alternative prayers were developed, and students were invited to vote on which they felt best reflected the academy’s Christian ethos. However, the vote was overwhelmingly to keep the current prayer as it is.

Chaplain Marcus Bull: “As an academy we want to ensure that our collective worship reflects our ethos and community, and the prayer is a crucial part of how we celebrate our Christian character. Although students have overwhelmingly voted to keep the prayer as it is, reviewing it was still a great, worthwhile experience. Many students reported that the prayer perfectly sums up and celebrates our Christian ethos in a way that everyone understands and can celebrate and said they could not imagine saying any other prayer on a daily basis. We received so many positive comments, and requests to keep the prayer in its current format, and we have listened.”