Building links

Building links with the Bunda Girls’ School

The academy was delighted to welcome Arthur and Melinda from Tanzania, who we work with to sponsor students who attend the Bunda Girls’ School in Mara, Tanzania. The trip was a great opportunity to explore next steps for the third scholarship students have been fundraising to support.

The academy recently welcomed Arthur and Melinda from the Bunda Girls’ School in Tanzania. As an academy we currently sponsor two girls who otherwise would not access an education and the visit provided a valuable update about how Paskaria and Margaret are progressing – and explore next steps for sponsorship of a third girl as part of the Trinity Academy bursary!

Our vision is that we will be able to sponsor a student each year and see them progress and achieve their career goals. Although the cost of education in Bunda is very low by Western standards, the cost of education is beyond the reach of many families. Arthur and Melinda identify girls who could benefit, and select bursary recipients.

Arthur and Melinda met the Rev Marcus Bull (Chaplain), academy Governors and Principal Mr Franklin-Smith. They participated in Collective Worship and Arthur prayed in Swahili. They also answered questions from a new Year 7 class about life in Tanzania and the question of the day was ‘what is the greatest blessing in Tanzania?’. The answer was ‘the rain!

The visit was a great way for students to hear more about the direct impact of the bursary fundraising, and we are looking forward to hearing more about our third bursary recipient!