Trinity Academy secures position in Government league tables as one of the UK’s most elite schools for student performance

Trinity Academy Halifax is celebrating reaching the top of national and local league tables for the progress students make, based on new school league tables published by the Government.

The Government’s school league tables provide a national and local picture regarding the performance of schools, and Trinity Academy has secured a position as one of the top-performing schools in the country based on the progress and achievements students make.

The league tables confirm that the academy’s 6th Form holds an elite position as one of the top 4% of schools nationally for the ‘value added score’ at A-level, and that the academy is one of the top four state funded schools in the Yorkshire and Humber region. This demonstrates how much additional progress students make at Trinity when compared to those of a similar level nationally and shows how students are challenged to achieve beyond their predicted grades on entry.

Performance at KS4 enjoys a similar success story, with the academy being confirmed as being in the top 16% of schools in the UK for the ‘Progress 8’ score. This effectively identifies how much progress a student makes from entry in Year 7, to their results in Year 11 compared with the performance of their similar ability counterparts nationally.

Mr James Franklin-Smith, Principal, comments: “Trinity Academy’s journey has been an incredible one. The academy was created as part of a vision to transform provision in an area that was once home to what the media named as ‘Britain’s worst school’ and a coasting secondary school. Under the leadership of Michael Gosling who is now CEO of the Trinity Multi-Academy Trust, the academy worked to show students that with the right support and effort your background is irrelevant to your future achievements. We are moving into out seventh year as Trinity Academy, and we have had two Ofsted outstanding judgements, and year-on-year rapid improvements in results. News of our position in the latest Government league tables is testament to our determination to be a non-selective state school that offers young people the very best opportunities and chances of success and an experience to rival that of any top fee paying institution.”

“Most importantly, the results of being classed as being one of the most elite schools in the UK can be seen on a daily basis. This week we were thrilled that two of our students received offers from the University of Cambridge. This is of course a special achievement, but all of our students are supported to achieve their own individual success story. We have young people progressing on to apprenticeships, the workplace and universities of their choice – our ethos is about helping our students of all abilities and backgrounds be supported to achieve their dreams and ambitions, whatever these may be. We are incredibly excited about the possibilities that the quality of education and the opportunities offer to our young people and how we are helping to buck the trend of the UKs top professions being mainly filled by the tiny proportion of those who receive a private education. As the flagship school within a growing Multi-Academy Trust, we are even more excited about the possibilities of being part of a family of schools that have a shared goal of ensuring that young people are supported to achieve their potential.”