Subject options

This week, Year 8 students are busy completing the next step in the IAG process – choosing their Year 9 subject options. Please note, the deadline for this is Friday 24 March 2017.

Students should submit their choices online through the VLE, where they can select their subjects and reserve options. First choices will be accommodated wherever possible.

Last Thursday, the academy held an IAG evening to provide key information regarding options. During the event, Year 8 students and parents were able to attend a vital talk, speak to staff members and visit the different subject areas which were being showcased.

This year, students have also been given extra support from their Vertical Tutor, who will have provided further advice and guidance as part of one-to-one interviews during tutor time. Additionally, parents have received an information booklet regarding subject options, which includes our top tips for making the right choices.

The academy aims to make the IAG process as clear as possible, so we can ensure that we help students to choose subjects which support their future ambitions.