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Healthy eating

We understand the importance of healthy eating and a balanced diet. Students can enjoy a varied range of meals, snacks and drinks in our onsite Restaurant. Our dedicated team cook, bake and create food in-house.

Students have a half hour lunch split by year group, and are encouraged to make their way to the Restaurant when the bell goes so that they can make the most of their break. This is enough time for students to make a purchase and eat it. We do not allow food to be eaten in any of our classrooms or corridors, and students bringing a packed lunch will need to eat this in the Restaurant.

Please note that we are a Healthy School, and as part of this we have a complete ban on fizzy and energy drinks and ‘family sized’ and multi-packs of crisps, chocolate and other unhealthy items. Students bringing these in to the academy will have these items confiscated. Naturally, students are welcome to bring standard sized treat items and are encouraged to enjoy these as part of a balanced diet.

Parents are encouraged to use ParentPay, the secure online system, for making payments to the academy and using this payment methods will help students to get the very most from their lunch break.

This also has the added benefit of you being able to see the purchases they have selected in the Restaurant, supporting your own approach to healthy eating in the home! You can also top-up the account should your child be in receipt of Free School Meals, and you can also still see what they have selected.

We suggest that parents consider whether they may be eligible for Free School Meals. Students in receipt of FSM purchase their items in exactly the same way, and their account is topped up daily. Click here to be taken to Calderdale Council’s eligibility criteria and application process.