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About Trinity Academy 6th Form

The Post-16 Experience

Students at Trinity Academy 6th Form receive a challenging but rewarding experience in post-16 studies. We pride ourselves on academic and pastoral excellence, and encourage and support students to be aware of future aspirations. We hope to inspire our students to consider their moral and academic purpose, and strive to support continuous progression so they can reach their personal goals.

Post-16 education is an exciting time for students, full of opportunity and development, and we offer a fantastic range of courses to support student ambitions. Furthermore, we also provide access to experiences that cannot be gained in a classroom through various programmes; more details on these can be found on our ‘Key Expectations’ page.

As young adults, independent learning is central to the Trinity 6th Form experience, and it is crucial to us that students are motivated in their academic development. Nevertheless, our three tier support system guarantees that students receive maximum academic and pastoral support, and allows our staff to provide the necessary guidance.


Three Tier Support System

There are a range of staff members available to support our 6th Form students at any given time, and we believe that regular face to face interaction is crucial. Students have access to their subject teachers and their timetables, which allows them to actively seek staff whenever they choose. Students also attend a Tutorial every academy day to meet and build positive relationships with their allocated Form Tutor; these dedicated Form Tutors are selected based on their experience of 6th Form and their abilities as pastoral leaders.

Most importantly, students are allocated a Personal Progress Tutor (PPT) who they can access at any time. The PPT is a unique role that focuses on both academic and pastoral support. PPT’s meet formally with students every week, however, they continuously monitor students on a daily basis. They become the student’s liaison for all aspects of 6th Form life and will be the first point of contact for both students and parents.