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Key expectations

Life in 6th Form presents many opportunities for you. The information below highlights some of the key opportunities available, and some of our expectations of you as young adults. We have high expectations of all our students at Trinity Academy Halifax, and in 6th Form these are even higher as you are a role model for our young students– but in return you are rewarded!


Professional Standards

At Trinity Academy 6th Form, we expect students to develop self-awareness in order to be prepared for life’s challenges. We require our students to display elements of professionalism by using their study periods productively within the Open Space, making use of the supervised Achievement Centre for quiet study, and volunteering their time for extra Achieve sessions. This level of self-discipline is developed through our PPT and assembly programme and is modelled by staff at all times.  We talk to our students about self-reflection, integrity and taking the hard option and we encourage them to live by the following quote – “to do the common thing, uncommonly well, brings success.” – Henry J. Heinz

Attendance and punctuality

Excellent attendance and punctuality is key to your success. We expect your attendance to be in excess of 95% and we will monitor this closely. Punctuality is also a crucial expectation at Trinity Academy 6th Form, and is a key component of the student/PPT agreement. If you fall below our attendance expectations without an acceptable reason, you will be placed on a terminal agreement, and be required to improve in order to maintain your place within 6th Form.


Our 6th Form students receive an attitude to learning score at the end of every term. This is a very important indicator for us to monitor how well our students are contributing towards their own progress. A score will be rewarded out of four stars (*) by each subject teacher and will allow intervention to be put in place by teachers, PPT’s and parent/carers where necessary.

Leadership and Enrichment

Our professional standards approach requires our students to take on additional responsibilities. We offer a specialist Enrichment Programme to help you develop skills and attributes which will support you as you move on to university or the workplace. Our Think Ahead programme also offers you a wide range of support to help you succeed.

As leaders of the academy, we also promote and offer ‘student leadership’ roles to our students, providing the opportunity to apply for specific positions within the Multi-Academy Trust and actively commit to various roles within secondary and primary school settings.