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Literacy focus

We understand the importance of excellent literacy skills. Students have a wide range of opportunities to develop these skills, which make a difference to the achievements of our students in their education and beyond.

Our commitment to the importance of literacy runs through all aspects of academy life from our displays to how our staff model standards.

We also enrol our students into the Renaissance Reading programme to encourage students to have a passion and enjoyment of reading. This simple programme does just this!

Students undertake a STAR reading test which provides a ‘reading level’. Books in our library are coded to these levels, so students can choose from a broad range of books that are suitable for their current ability. Each day, students are encouraged to read for a minimum of 20 minutes, with vertical tutoring time also available to do this. Following this a quiz is completed and students then develop their reading levels.

For those students with particular reading support needs, we provide a comprehensive support system of nurture.