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The Colleges

All students at Trinity Academy belong to one of six colleges – Hockney, Oliver, Priestley, Stewart, Whiteley or Redgrave. The names of all our colleges were chosen by our students, and each and every member of each college is proud to be part of their college.

Each college has its own logo and this is on students’ planners. You will also see these logos at inter-college competitions and assemblies. Each college has a number of vertical tutoring or ‘VT’ groups which are numbered by college such as “Stewart 1” or “Priestley 9”. This shows which tutor group you are within a college.

Your behaviour has a direct impact on the success of your college. As a member of a college, your Achievement Points and attendance go towards an overall total for your college, and each term all members of the college with the best attendance and overall balance of Achievement Points receives a reward!

There is lots of friendly competition between the different colleges, with them all wanting to top the leader board! College Managers also arrange competitions between the colleges with Achievement Points and prizes available.

College Identities

Many of our parents ask students about the inspiration behind the names of our colleges. Below we provide a brief insight. If you are a parent joining the academy, we will share which college your child will join at their Transition Evening. All students are aware of the college that they are in, and wear a special pin badge. However, you can also find a reminder as their college logo features on the front of the Student Planner.

All college names were selected by students, and alongside each logo you will find a short explanation of the inspiration behind the name.