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Working for Trinity

In July 2013 the academy achieved an ‘Outstanding’ judgement in all areas of our Ofsted inspection and we are extremely proud of being an outstanding academy.

The students who come to Trinity Academy behave well. In our July 2013 Ofsted, inspectors reported that ‘Behaviour is outstanding, both in lessons and around the academy. Attitudes to learning are excellent’. We would encourage you to visit the academy to see for yourself how well our students behave and how they respond to our behaviour for learning systems, which focus on praising students.

The academy achieve excellent results and our Progress 8 score place us consistently in the top 5% of all schools nationally (+0.67 in 2017 and +0.59 in 2018).

As an academy we have high expectations of staff, we expect staff to challenge our students and themselves. We set high standards and aim to display these in all that we do. Working for Trinity Academy is rewarding, we can offer a fantastic vibrant environment with a record of successful outcomes, excellent CPD programmes and a range of opportunities to progress. These ambitions are shared across all schools within the trust.

As an academy we have invested in professional development and our in-house Lead Teacher team work with all curriculum areas and provide in-house training and development opportunities for all staff. Our weekly CPD session is delivered as a whole academy or in curriculum areas and is an invaluable opportunity for whole academy development or tailored sessions relevant to curriculum area needs.

As a newly qualified teacher (NQT) Trinity Academy has a specifically designed induction programme, which meets the statutory requirements of the induction year, but is purposefully designed to go above and beyond these minimal requirements. This programme ensures you have mentor support and, as an NQT, gives you access to a range of experienced professionals to support your development.  As a trust there is the opportunity to share best practice and develop links with other NQTs.  In addition to your appointed mentor, programmed CPD sessions and access to external training events you will have a weekly session with all NQT’s and a Lead Teacher who will develop a programme of support relevant to those new to teaching.

As an academy we have developed a unique and innovative staffing structure that enables us to provide the very best learning experience for our students. This staffing structure offers career progression, opportunities to develop and a chance to work in a number of projects and developments that are focussed on both improvements in the academy and how these can influence outcomes across whole trust.

Each member of our team makes a difference to the outcomes for our young people. All staff at the academy (whether they are teaching or non-teaching staff) are given the opportunity to be a Vertical Tutor and take part in our unique system of support for students.

Trinity Academy’s Senior Leadership Team is responsible for the day-to-day running of the academy, and ensuring that it is lead in a way that enables it to make a difference to students. Each member of the Senior Leadership Team has a dedicated area of responsibility. You can read a short biography about each member of the team by clicking here.

In addition to a range of professional development opportunities, Trinity Academy, as the flagship school offers staff the opportunity to work with some of the best practitioners, leaders and staff in the region. We aim to attract and retain the best possible staff to work in a committed, passionate and dedicated team and we are all proud to be part of the Trinity family.

Trinity Academy is the model of excellence for the growing number of academies and free schools joining the Trust. The team behind the success at Trinity are working to help those joining our Trust to replicate what we do for the benefit of children and young people, and achieve the vision of outstanding across all providers within the Trinity Multi-Academy Trust.

We look forward to receiving your application form and we encourage prospective candidates to visit us to see our fantastic facilities and meet our staff.

Trinity Academy aims to provide the best possible education to our students. To do this, we want to attract and retain the best possible staff to work in a committed, passionate and dedicated team.

If you are interested in working for the academy, please see our current vacancies.