Year 7 students take the next step towards their graduation goal

In the next stage of their graduation process, our Year 7 students are currently taking part in public speaking events. This is one of the key requirements for students to be able to graduate at the end of Year 8.

Speaking in front of others is an excellent technique for boosting confidence, and is a useful key skill for students to carry with them throughout their education, and their future careers.

Students in Year 7 have therefore been participating in public speaking activities during Vertical Tutoring time, such as reading aloud to their group. They have also been asked to practice speaking at home, and have then received a ‘pass, merit or distinction’ grade for their speeches.

At the end of Year 8, students will graduate if they are able to: maintain excellent behaviour and attendance, achieve their subject targets and participate in extra-curricular activities. Students can track their progress towards their graduation goal using their Graduation Journal, where they can set themselves new targets.